Wrapping up 2014…

The end is nigh…

A lot has happened in 2014

• a kid moved out
• a parent moved in
• two surgeries (and scary huge vet bills) for Cassie
• new short story was released
• signed with an agent (FINALLY!)
• received a promotion at day job
• attended three conventions
• witnessed two wedding parties bar brawl over a pizza
• started several new projects
• discovered a few things about myself I didn’t know (no, I’m not sharing…yet)

And that’s only the tip of the ever-vague iceberg. Each year, I tell myself I will blog more. Each year, I run out of time to do it. I spread myself too thin, and in no prior year has this been more obvious than this past year. I can no longer say my goal is to be a writer, because I am. I’ve achieved that. I am a writer. Instead, my new goal is: I want to be a full-time writer. Now, I recognize how difficult and nigh impossible that could be. I still want it. But until I’m a steady NY Times best-seller, I have my day job (which I do love)…and a bunch of other things. I need to prioritize, and this year, writing has been the first thing to be sacrificed. One of the things I’ve re-learned about myself is how much of a planner I am. If I don’t schedule things, they don’t get done. So that’s what I’m doing here: scheduling. This is not my 2015 resolutions, because resolutions fall to the wayside after a few weeks. This is my 2015 first quarter schedule (to be updated as needed).

January 2015
write 31,000 words minimum on SLM (I really want more than this because I need the draft of my sequel finished at 80K, but 1,000 a day minimum is easy to achieve. Anything more is bonus.)
• write & edit 5,000 word sci-fi short story (Sci-fi is new territory, but who says old dogs can’t learn new tricks?)
brainstorm ATOB revisions
write/edit next pirate novella chapter (Did I mention my attempt at historical fiction too? Is there no limits to my tastes? No. No there isn’t.)

buy ticket to RWA (sell soul if must)
write 28,000 minimum on SLM if rough draft isn’t finished yet (Between January minimums and February, this should bring me pretty close to the end of the horrid draft zero.)
write another short story (Emphasis on short.)
write/edit next pirate novella chapter (Is this not done yet? Wasn’t it only supposed to be 7 chapters?)
• brainstorm/start outlining ATOL

finish draft 0 of SLM if not done yet. (If done, contemplate it’s horror and start devising surgical techniques to cut out the suck.)
write another short story (Short stories hone skills. I struggle with writing concise, and short stories force me to be concise. Most times the short stories go in the trunk; sometimes they find their ways into anthologies. Either way, it’s a win for me.)
finish the pirate novella draft and compile edit notes (Cry because my CPs know me, and know this “short” novella is no longer a novella.)
outline ATOB and series events (Optimism; it’s so bright, it hurts my eyes.

From the looks of March, second quarter is shaping up to be an edit extravaganza. Which is perfect for me. I hate drafting; I love editing. Bring it on. Second quarter should also bring in outline books 3 & 4 in contemporary series, as well as developing 3-4 short stories in that world. ATOB will probably also feature heavy in 2015 because it’s my first love–my first fully developed world and characters that were more than 2D versions of myself and friends. There’s horrible suck in that story, but also moments I love, years after writing it. But fortunately, I love editing, and I can edit the suck out. But hovering in the back of my mind during all this scheduling is the possibility of my novel being sold and having editorial notes to handle…in which case, this schedule is put on hold. But that goes without saying. Priorities baby.

But all these goals won’t come without sacrifices. Time is limited, and since I’m not independently wealthy (come of powerball!), I have to work. With work comes commute suckage because I chose to live in the middle of nowhere. But there’s other items that have my attention that need to be re-evaluated and potentially placed on the chopping block. But that’s what I must do if I want 2015 to be better than 2014, and if I want to be that full-time writer. To be a writer, I must write.

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