Bring on Pennwriters

AnticipSo the Pennwriters Conference at Eden Resort is this weekend. Chalk up another “first” on the hopefully long road of my fledgling writing career: the first writing conference. Workshops, networking, pitch sessions, critique sessions. It’s a small conference, and yet I still feel a bit overwhelmed. And quite honestly, the idea of pitching face-to-face scares the crap out of me. I’m perfectly content taking rejepationction with the anonymity of hiding behind my computer screen. Doing it in person sounds terrifying. But I’m going to do it, not once, but twice. Ironically, my first choice of agent that I WANTED to pitch to, I’m not. Because she already has manuscript on a full request. *squee* So, instead, I chose two others to pitch to. Not sure I’ll have the guts to do the blind pitch session, but we shall see how much my fragile self can stand being out of its comfort zone. And fortunately, I’m not suffering alone. Not only is fellow author, LAWGer, and fried Ruth Day is going, but many others are too. If you’ll be there, I’ll be the one puking in the corner before my pitch sessions.



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